Annelise Cherie



on a walk about in the Osa,Peninsula learning about plant intelligence

on a walk about in the Osa,Peninsula learning about plant intelligence



I began my journey in 2012 while traveling to Costa Rica to study seed dispersion while living with an indigenous culture in the Osa, Peninsula. This is where I was first introduced to the understanding of the powerful healing impact nature has on people and how we are all connected. I began to deepen my understanding of life and how we all fit together.

Upon my arrival back to America,  I found myself wanting to explore more about the potential of life. I felt like there was something within me that I could not see, or gain an understanding of. It wasn't long after that I met and began to work with my mentor in understanding the root of my disconnection and how to cure it. After a few months of going through the Mental coaching program,  I began to truly step into my power and self-awareness, changing my life.

In the exploration of meditation and energy work, I went to Iquitos, Peru where I worked with plant medicine and skilled practitioners to continue to evolve my understanding of the mind and energy. 

Returning back to Los Angeles I began to train under many people from shamans, Reiki masters and Mindful Nutritionist's leading me to certification's as a Mental Coach, Reiki and meditation practitioner.  

I now work with a wide variety of clients ranging from actors to athletes to business professionals and many more from all over the world both in person and on the computer sharing this powerful coaching and healing. I continue to explore all the opportunities of life, living as an example of the life-improving benefits of Mental Coaching, Meditation, and Reiki all while traveling the world and helping people reconnect to themselves and life.